A buck is an important part of your herd. He will pass in ½ the genetic selection of the type of features you want to bring into your herd.
A buck needs to be cared for in the same respect and consideration as the does.
He needs a firm hand and a gentle touch, spending time with him and showing him that you genuinely care for him.
It is important that your buck knows that you are the boss. Most will be docile if reared properly with gentleness but also firmness and training, starting at a young age.
We do not recommend keeping a buck as a pet and believe they should be considered as breeding stock only.

As a buck matures they have a change in their normal behavior prior to breeding and go into a seasonal rut, male equilivant of heat. The rut is characterized of behaviors such as urinating over themselves, an obsessive interest in the does, a decrease in appetite and most of all a strong distinctive odor. As a buck matures some bucks can show aggression in rut and all bucks should be treated with respect and caution whilst in the rutting season.

At Plumbago Stud our bucks are housed separate to the does and the does taken to visit the buck when in season. This way we have control over our breeding and know exactly when the kids are due to arrive. When you do house the buck away from the doe you must provide a companion for him either another buck or a wether. Goats are herd animals and it is cruel to keep one alone.
A wether is a neutered male goat and makes a wonderful pet. He never develops the odor or habits of an in tact buck. Out of the breeding season males will usually live happily together, but once the breeding season starts they must be separated if fighting starts. A buck can become competitive when a doe is nearby and in season.
Housing a buck away from the doe makes them less likely to damage the fences in attempting to visit the doe. We recommend electric fencing and a small runway or paddock between the buck and does.

Good strong fencing is essential, we have three rows of electric wire mounted on the ring- lock fencing and the goats certainly respect it.
Young children should not be unattended with a buck and under no circumstances must a buck be teased or allowed to play butting games.
Too quickly such games turn into rough play.

A good balanced diet and plenty of fresh clean water is a must in maintaining healthy bucks. The same regime in caring for the does.





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