Australian Miniature Goats under three years old are sold as miniature bred and potential graded stock as they are height verified at three years of age.
Numerous Studs throughout Australia do have potential purebred stock awaiting their three year old height verification, so as to be classified and graded as an Australian Miniature Purebred.

Goats are herd animal and donot like being alone. It is recommended to keep two or more and it is highly recommended purchasing your goats from a reputable, registered breeder.
Unfortunately there are people who advertise animals as 'Miniatures' because the animal looks small. It is difficult to tell the difference between young goats that will stay small or grow big and a goat's growth can be stunted by lack of food and care.
A registered breeder should be able to show you the animals that they are breeding with and the records and documentation supporting their breeding program. Visit the stud and do ask questions.

Ensure that you have contacted your Shire to make sure you are allowed to have livestock on your property.
All goats must carry NLIS ear tags and it is your responsibility to register your property with the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries if you do intend owning one or more goats (or other livestock) and they will issue you with a PIC (property Identification Code) number.

Australian Miniature Goats are a unique little pet breed. They are genetically small and compact, come in al colours and their body should be in proportion with their size. Their small body size makes them easy to manage and they eat less and do not require the space their larger relatives need.
Miniature goats in general are good-natured, hardy and alert, and their docile, affectionate temperament makes them an excellent pet.
These little goats treated with love, patience and kindness will reward you with the bond they will form with you for many years.
They respond well to treats such as sultanas and small quantities of cracker biscuits to reward their behavior and to help build their trust with human contact.
They are very responsive and can be the milk provider for the family each day. Miniature goats are very intelligent and can be trained to walk on a lead and will respond to their name and the more time their family spends with them, will build their trust and form a close bond.
They are a good companion animal and their small size and gentle personalities make them suitable pets for all ages including the elderly, the disabled and children of all ages.

Caring for these little animals can be performed easily and safely ther feeding and daily care are tasks easily learnt and will help children to learn the importance of responsibility, discipline and respect. Working with these little animals also helps children to build their confidence and self-esteem.
Miniature goats are great little companion animals but are herd animals and it is cruel to keep one alone. They are often used to keep horses for company or they do need another goat of the same sex or a wether as a companion.
A wether is a neutered male and makes a wonderful pet as they don't come into season like the females and they do not develop the habits or odor of the in tact bucks.

All goats born at Plumbago Stud are disbudded (horns removed), as we do believe horns can be dangerous and our animals are only sold as pets.
Treated with care and kindness they will reward you with many years of joy.

Miniature Goats are low maintenance but do require de-worming for internal parasite when necessary and occasionally a treatment for external parasites as part of their health regime.
We usually worm our goats twice a year. A vet can do this for you and can do a faceal count on the goat's dropping to confirm if worming is necessary.

Hooves need to be trimmed every six to eight weeks.
However if they are on rocks or hard ground this will help to keep there feet trim. A good pair of garden shears is all that is needed.

At Plumbago Stud we do vaccinate our goats with a 5 in 1 injection once a year and do highly recommend you do vaccinate to protect your beloved pet from unnecessary death or illness.
Miniature goats do love a brush and can be shampooed with a mild shampoo as part of their grooming.

Good fencing is definitely required. The goats are capable of squeezing through the smallest of gaps. We use the smallest and strongest ring-lock and three rows of electric wire. I highly recommend the use of electric fencing for goats. It keeps predators out and the goats safely confined, also protecting your fences so they last for years.

It is important a goat has adequate, secure shelter to escape from the rain, strong winds, the cold and the hot sun.

Goats love to jump and play. Tree stumps and logs make great play toys along with the large spools used for cables etc.
A small rock pile will help keep their hooves worn down.

Please do contact me with any queries or to talk about these beautiful little creatures.



Please note I am not a vet. Articles written on this site are for reference only and are my experience and knowledge of keeping goats and how I care for my goats at Plumbago Stud.
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